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The Art of Cooking & Nutrition 

Presented by Tasha's Food Fun and serendipity-art STUDIOS

Art of Food & Nutrition
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Cooking & Nutrition

"Tropical Food Adventure"

June 20, 21, 22

 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Ages 8-13

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About Tasha

WHO is Tasha?

Me! My name is Natasja Essed or Miss Tasha as the children call me. I have both a Master of Science and PhD degree in Human Nutrition. Inspired by the full-on sensory approach of a Dutch school-based nutrition program, I developed this curriculum and have been teaching for over10 years!


WHY participate in Tasha’s Food Fun?

I believe that food & nutrition knowledge and food preparation skills are a basic necessity for every child, including your child. The advantage of having this knowledge and skill will help turn your child into a food detective so that your child can be in charge of her or his own health, rather than being controlled by the food industry. On a more serious note: I want children to understand which foods to eat to stay healthy. That’s my goal.

The results of Tasha’s Food Fun? I have seen that children are more willing to try new foods, veggies and all! They like more foods than before the classes and eat a more varied and thus healthier diet!

Tasha Workshop

Cooking & Nutrition - "Tropical Food Adventure"

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Join Ms. Tasha on this hands-on Tropical Fun Food Adventure! Along the way, we will explore the origin of our ingredients, how to prepare and cook them, as well as their nutritional value. Our destination: the creation of colorful tropical dishes using our ingredients and their flavorful counterparts the spices. No previous experience is necessary.
Ms. Tasha has a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, lived in Aruba for 10 years, and her favorite tropical foods are pineapple and passion fruit!

WHERE do I go for Tasha’s Food Fun?

Serendipity-art Studios, 110 North Poplar St,

Aberdeen NC 28315

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