The Art of Cooking & Nutrition 

Presented by Tasha's Food Fun and serendipity-art STUDIOS

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Cooking & Nutrition

"My senses are esSENSEtial"

September 11 a& 18, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

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About Tasha

WHO is Tasha?

Me! My name is Natasja Essed or Miss Tasha as the children call me. I have both a Master of Science and PhD degree in Human Nutrition. Inspired by the full-on sensory approach of a Dutch school-based nutrition program, I developed this curriculum and have been teaching for over10 years!


WHY participate in Tasha’s Food Fun?

I believe that food & nutrition knowledge and food preparation skills are a basic necessity for every child, including your child. The advantage of having this knowledge and skill will help turn your child into a food detective so that your child can be in charge of her or his own health, rather than being controlled by the food industry. On a more serious note: I want children to understand which foods to eat to stay healthy. That’s my goal.

The results of Tasha’s Food Fun? I have seen that children are more willing to try new foods, veggies and all! They like more foods than before the classes and eat a more varied and thus healthier diet!


Cooking & Nutrition - "My senses are esSENSEtial!"

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WHAT is Tasha’s Food Fun?  

Tasha’s Food Fun = entertaining classes that combine Food Knowledge, Nutrition, and Food Preparation Skills for children aged 5 – 16.

Your child will discover:

  • What is in food?

  • What is the effect of food on my body?

  • What can I prepare with this food and how do I make it taste delicious?

  • That senses (taste, smell and more) are esSENSEtial!*

  • That cooking together is a lot of fun!


*Taste and smell are the most exciting way to get connected to food. Children have taught me that they like to prepare and eat healthy food, as long as it tastes and smells good!

WHERE do I go for Tasha’s Food Fun?

Serendipity-art Studios, 110 North Poplar St,

Aberdeen NC 28315

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