American Jean !!.jpg
American Jean II
Adele Buytenhuys, 2018

The importance of giving back.

My son served six years in the United States Marine Corps and eleven years as a private contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Assisting veterans is a personal journey of giving back to our service men and women. 


American Jean I was the first flag to meet the jeans.  It was created for the 2018 Stroke of Patriotism "My America" Art Contest by a team of computer software sales and technical personnel at Samanage, Cary NC, assisted by me.  American Jean II and III were created by serendipity-art STUDIOS to raise funds for the children of active military and veteran families.  


20% of the proceeds from future custom made American Jean flags will be donated to non-profit organizations who in turn support the children of our service men and women in ways that enrich their lives.