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Adele's Portfolio

This Little Pig.jpg

This Little Pig

16 x 16 Acrylic

Donated to 2019 Penick Village Foundation Art Show and Sale


Purchased at the show February 25, 2019



Colored Pencil

Reference phot0 was taken by Levi's owner.  


Commission, December 2018

Medium - Colored Pencil



Phin crossed the rainbow bridge early in December 2018.  He was one of the first horses owned by Sprout Therapeutic Riding Center in Loudon County, Virginia.


"Into the Woods"

Exhibit at the Artists League of the Sandhills, September 2018

Medium - Colored Pencil


Reference photo

Sandi Allen Photography

Gifted to Sandi Allen

Monsieur Jacques.jpg

Monsieur Jacques Bonniere

First Place - Drawing Category

Judged show, Artists League of the Sandhills, June 2018

Medium - Colored Pencil



Reference photo owned by the artist.

Bonniere, France

September 2017

Not in My America - Adele Buytenhuys.jpg

Not in My America

2018 "My America" Stroke of Patriotism Art Contest

Mixed Medium


I sleep better at night knowing that the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans is working to assist our homeless heroes. I am also proud that A Stroke of Patriotism is able to provide some support. 

Mixed Media

My Name is Annie.jpeg

My Name is Annie

2017 "Patriotic Expressions" Stroke of Patriotism Art Contest

Medium - Oil


Annie is one of thousands of Annies who are part of military and veteran families.  She is five years old and her daddy is on his third deployment. She sits on the beach wondering when he will come home. Then there is Annie, her mommy was injured in Iraq and can't do the things she could do before she was deployed. Annie has to help with some of the chores but she doesn't mind. She feels that she is one of the lucky ones, her mommy doesn't have to go away again. Then there is Annie who doesn't know why her daddy gets angry or sits in a dark corner. He always sits facing the door and jumps if there is a loud noise. She can't see his wounds. We thank our active military and veterans for their service. Our hearts break for the caregivers who didn't expect this to be their new job. We don't always thank Annie who is just too young to understand.



into the night.jpg

Into the Night

Silver Interpretations in Art - Exhibit Entry - April 2019
Medium - Oil

Heading 6
Inspired by my students.
Medium - Pastel Pencil, 8 x 10
Reference - Dreamstime
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