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Who We Are


Adele's Story

I have always loved drawing but my commitment and journey to become a better artist really only started in 2001.  My husband and I were living in the Netherlands, where I was introduced to a well-known artist who lived in Den Haag.  Jean invited me to take a class and I was hooked.  Paint and brushes were a no-no until a number of drawings and sketches had been completed, after which acrylic paint was introduced.  I entered a painting in a judged show and received a 3rd place award.  When I look back at that painting I know that I have grown as an artist.  We moved back to the USA and I studied art in Houston and California before moving to North Carolina in 2009.  I joined the Artists League of the Sandhills and studied with Eileen Strickland.  My medium of choice was oil until I signed up for a colored pencil class with Betty Hendrix at the League.  Not only do I love my pencils, but I find that that the hand movement shuts down the mind and time stands still.  I will always paint with oils and acrylics but my pencils go everywhere with me.

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