Who We Are


Tomorrow's Artists and Entrepeneurs 

Founded in 2018, serendipity-art STUDIOS is a community of young artists and students working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth.

We believe that every child is an artist.  We want to help you find your artistic voice and style.

Studio rentals are available for students who wish to work on individual projects with instruction on an as-needed basis.

Our young artists are encouraged to plan their gallery exhibits from start to finish.  This includes advertising using social media, designing invitations, hanging artwork, framing, and pricing their artwork.

Students are encouraged to provide refreshments for their guests.

Once a year students will be invited to enter a judged show.  The judge will award ribbons in each category. 

An online store is available for the students who would like to sell their art.  We will also assist the student to price their work before it is offered for sale.


Kids Drawing

Artists, especially at a young age. need a space to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. All artistic expression is encouraged in this magical art studio where young artists create freely and where this freedom allows previously undiscovered talent to rise to the surface.



Adele's Story

I have always loved drawing but my commitment and journey to become a better artist really only started in 2001.  My husband and I were living in the Netherlands, where I was introduced to a well-known artist who lived in Den Haag.  Jean invited me to take a class and I was hooked.  Paint and brushes were a no-no until a number of drawings and sketches had been completed, after which acrylic paint was introduced.  I entered a painting in a judged show and received a 3rd place award.  When I look back at that painting I know that I have grown as an artist.  We moved back to the USA and I studied art in Houston and California before moving to North Carolina in 2009.  I joined the Artists League of the Sandhills and studied with Eileen Strickland.  My medium of choice was oil until I signed up for a colored pencil class with Betty Hendrix at the League.  Not only do I love my pencils, but I find that that the hand movement shuts down the mind and time stands still.  I will always paint with oils and acrylics but my pencils go everywhere with me.

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